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Weaving Unit

We have traditional and advanced weaving machinery at our weaving unit, catering to different purposed fabrics. All looms equipped with Dobby machines making our strength the capability to produce different designs & weaves to comply with various constructions/blends. We have in-house all shuttle-less looms and we outsource all our requirements for Air-jet to the most well known institutes in the field.

Dyeing & Finishing

Our processing unit is equipped with state-of-the-art bleaching, dyeing and finishing facilities for vast range of dyeing and finished effects used in various sectors. Perfection is sought in all processes to meet customer's specifications and requirements. We are also capable of applying any special finishes to our fabrics which includes FR( Flame Retardant) & AP (Air Permeability).


Our most recent addition to diversify our portfolio, Rotary printing with unto 16 fully functional positions allows us to be able to print up to 2.4 Million meters per month. With our precision in designing studio, the designs are engraved to a very higher detailed level resulting in the fixation and appearance of the designs to the optimal desired level.

Stitching Unit

With efficient sewing machines, effective procedures and committed people, this unit is capable of producing value-added products for our customers. We have skilled workforce with highest levels of stitching craftsmanship, which enables us to manufacture very detail oriented products.