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Al-Rehmat recognizes the link between our health and our environment. We have invested in corporate initiatives to improve our footprint and empowered our employees to do the same, which is why we are Oeko-Tex certified. Together we can create a healthier planet and healthier people. It has always been the policy of Al-Rehmat to meet the requirements of all environmental, health and safety laws. We are committed to protecting humanity, communities and the environment. Our management practices recognize the dignity and rights of the individual and the right to a workplace free of harassment, recognized hazards, abuse and corporal punishment. We operate on the principle that decisions on hiring, salary, benefits, advancement or termination are in compliance with the industry rules and regulations.

Al-Rehmat specifically forbids child labor because it is our belief that a child regardless of its background or social status, belongs in a school and not at a workplace. This is why Al-Rehmat has taken various initiatives to impart education to the younger generation of less developed communities.Free education schools up to grade 10 and scholarships for needy and talented students are the two main areas of our focus. For that purpose Al-Rehmat has opened two free education schools. One girl's school is situated at Faisalabad and other school is located in the district of Layyah - a remote and under developed area in the Punjab province.