Yarn Dyed Fabrics

Al-Rehmat produces and exports fabric for apparels in different weaves, blends, dye stuffs and finishes. For the last 15 years we have been successfully catering to the demands of the high-specs export markets. The scope of our collections is impressive as we produce Twills, Drills, Canvases, Broken Twills, Bedford cord, Hi/Low BFC, Canvas, Automen, Gabardine, Ribcloth, Herringbone, Muslin, Poplin, Oxford and Flannel. Whatever kind of apparel fabric is desired, rest assured that you will find it from us.

Our dyeing & processing unit consists of two plants, narrow width and wider width plant. The narrow width plant is equipped with state-of-the-art continuous bleaching, dyeing and finishing facilities for 66-inch wide fabric in almost all types of dyeing and finished effects used in uniform, fashion apparel and healthcare clothing industries. The wider width plant has bleaching, dyeing and finishing facilities for finished widths of up to 126 inch wide fabrics in light to medium shades and short runs of medium to dark shades.

Perfection is sought in all processes to entertain our customers while significantly fulfilling their specific requirements.